About Us

Open City Events is a cooperative of passionate entrepreneurs, working to spread awareness about social issues and crises happening around the world.  We operate under Solid State Community Industries and our goal is to organize purposeful events that promote social and economic change. We came together and formed this cooperative in winter 2019 because we're eager to promote change. As the youth of today, we have a lot to share from our fresh perspective on a variety of topics. Through our events we hope to bring the community together and create a sense of inclusiveness. As indicated by our name, the events we plan contribute to a more open, welcoming, accessible, and equitable city. 


We are focused on causes such as gender inequality, humanitarian crises, discrimination and social injustices. We work with educational and social organizations to plan purposeful and meaningful events regarding those causes. We aim to inform people about the tragedies and social issues that the world is facing in the 21st century. This includes highlighting topics that are usually ignored in the media. All the events that we plan serve a purpose which sets us apart from traditional event planning businesses. Get in touch with us today.