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Muslim Sway

July 25, 2020 and July 26, 2020

Muslim Sway: Our Presence X Hip Hop Culture, a collaboration between OCE and CCMS, is a free two-day online festival to celebrate hip hop and its rich history, especially in relation to Muslim culture. It will bring together different artists from Canada and the U.S. to explore the complex relation between Muslim-American societies and hip hop through lecture and performance.

Speakers and Performers

Hanif Abdurraqib
Rup Sidhu
Poet Efemeral

Event Schedule 

All times are in PST and the schedule is subject to change

16:00 to 16:15: Introduction to the event by OCE and CCMS

Saturday, July


16:15 to 16:45: Performance by Yassin 'Narcy' Alsalman

16:45 to 17:45: Performance and Discussion with Mona Haydar

17:45 to 18:30: Performance by Poet Efemeral

18:30 to 18:35: Closing Remarks

Sunday, July 


11:00 to 11:15: Introduction to the event by OCE and CCMS

11:15 to 12:15: Talk and discussion with Hanif Abdurraqib

12:15 to 13:00: Panel Discussion with Rup Sidhu and Nebula Nabila

13:00 to 13:30: Performance and Discussion with Miss Undastood

13:30 to 13:35: Closing Remarks

Co-sponsors and Partners

Daily Dose of Blackness
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