Solid Connections

May 12 2019

Our first public event, solid connections was held at 312 Main, Vancouver. This event was an opportunity for all cohorts working under Solid State to present themselves at 312 to generate business opportunities while spreading their name. Our first event had a big turnout and we are very proud of it.

Yemen Famine Relief Fundraiser

August 6 2019

We collaborated with Human Concern International to plan a fundraiser for the Famine Crisis in Yemen. They are currently working with local organizations in Yemen to build a bakery that will provide free bread for those in need. Over 150 people attended our event and we raised around $10,000 for the cause. Overall, this was our first major public event and we are proud to say that it was a huge success. 

Solid State Open House

November 10 2019

Open City Events will be hosting an Open House for our new space on November 10th, 2019. This event will include opportunities for all attendees to visit our office, learn about cohorts run under Solid State, network and meet all our amazing team members.